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what is lube in India ? How to use lube correctly during anal or vaginal sex for safe sex pleasure

What is lube in India?

What is lube in India?

Personal lubricant is special lubricant, which people use during the sexual activity. Any people such as men, women, gay and lesbian can use the personal lubricant. People use the personal lubricant during penetration or masturbation. The main purpose of using a lubricant is to reduce the friction. People apply the personal lubricant on the genital area like vaginal, anal, penis etc. The couple can also use lubricant with different types of condom and sex toys. Personal lubricant helps to make the sex more comfortable and pleasure. Here is lube meaning in hindi


In the Indian market, different types of lubricant are available. The different types of lubricant are a water based lubricant, oil-based lubricant, silicone based lubricant, natural lubricant, flavoured lubricant etc. Different types of lubricant are used for different purpose. People with the sensitive skin can use the natural lubricant. In the ingredients of the natural lubricant, a chemical substance is not included. Some of the lubricants also provide the unique sensation during sexual activity. Lubricants are available in varieties of range. Any people can easily purchase it.

Correct usage of Lube, for vagina, for anal ?

Correct usage of Lube, for vagina, for anal ? How to use lube? During sexual activity, it is important for a couple to use the

correct lubricant. Before using the lubricant it is important for a couple to clean their hand with water or soap. Now apply some amount of the lubricant to the intimate area. To apply the lubricant couple use their finger or they use lubricant applicator. If a couple is using any types of sex toys or condom then apply some drops of lubricant on the surface of the toys or condom.

While doing the vaginal penetration, a couple can use water based, oil based or silicone based lubricant. While doing the anal sex, it is better for a couple to use the silicone based lubricant or oil-based lubricant, because it does not easily get dissolved. With oil based or silicone based lubricant couple does not need to reapply it.

Lube cleaning method, expiration date, notes etc ?

Lube cleaning method, expiration date, notes etc ?

After the sexual activity, a couple should properly clean the lubricant otherwise it may cause infections. To clean the lubricant from an intimate area, a couple should use warm water, clean cloth and soap. Before purchasing the lubricant, it is important to check the expiry date. If it is expired then don't purchase it. If the seal of lubricant bottle is not open, then the couple can store it for 1 years. Once the seal of a bottle is open, the couple should use the lubricant within one month.

While using the lubricant people should take some precaution also. If the couple should use the silicone-based lubricant, then they should avoid using the silicone made toys. Because if they use silicone based lubricant with silicone made toy then the surface of the silicone toy get damage. With oil-based lubricant, a couple should avoid using the latex condom. Does not put the lubricant in the direct sunlight. The couple should only apply the lubricant on the external area. During sexual activity, if a couple feels any types of irritation then they should immediately stop using the lubricant.